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The aim of the Cancer In community website is to connect anyone touched by cancer. It enables users to search then communicate privately with other members, based on their type of cancer, age and location. Connecting cancer patients with survivors has been a frequent request since the launch of The Cancer Survivors Club book.


Cancer patients and their family and friends, want to hear from real survivors about how they overcame the disease. When first diagnosed with cancer, many people feel shocked, alone and even embarrassed. Chis Geiger receives a constant stream of emails almost daily, from readers asking about various treatments, side effects or wanting to contact others who had the same type of cancer.


The 'Cancer In’ community website will ultimately provide a safe private haven, where cancer survivors can help, support, and inspire those recently diagnosed or receiving cancer treatment. The community website will give its members the ability to search, connect and communicate - offering firsthand advice and knowledge. Chris Geiger’s hope is this will become a vital free online resource for those affected by cancer.

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Anyone can join the 'Cancer In' community. Membership is free, simply visit and register. Experienced cancer survivors, cancer patients and their family and friends can connect and instantly help, encourage and support those affected by the disease.


As an added incentive, the first 500 members will be able to download from the discussion group 'Recommended Reading', a free PDF copy of Bad Cells by Chris Geiger. Bad Cells is a collection of Chris Geiger’s witty and thought-provoking newspaper columns. His weekly column rapidly grew in popularity, eventually earning him the prestigious Columnist of the Year award.

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Chris Geiger was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24. He had an amazing supportive family and network of friends. However he still found himself feeling isolated and naturally worried.  He wanted to read real stories from other cancer patients who had fought the same cancer as him and survived. This thought was the original idea behind the launch of The Cancer Survivors Club book.  With the internet evolving and the almost constant stream of email requests, The Cancer Survivors Club community is the next natural progression in his personal campaign to help anyone dealing with the disease.

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